the lost world

Harry O Hoyt, 100 mins, USA, 1925, B&W/Tinted, Silent with English intertitles, 35mm. Courtesy: George Eastman House

 image from the lost world
The Lost World. Courtesy British Film Institute
A group of explorers from London venture into the wilds of the Amazon to bring back proof of living dinosaurs.

Their foray into the 'lost world' disturbs its prehistoric inhabitants, and an ape-like missing-link character begins to haunt their camp with malicious intent.

The Lost World was stop-motion expert Willis O'Brien's first opportunity to apply his animation ideas to a feature length film.

Based on the novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the film is credited as having significant influence on the 1933 version of King Kong (which also features O'Brien's special effects).

part of focus on monsters: kiss of the beast

Dates   Sat 17 Dec 2005, 3pm
Admission   Full $13  Concession $10
Six session pass: Full $60  Concession $48
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