revenge of the creature

Jack Arnold, 82 mins, USA, 1955, B&W, SP Betacam Courtesy: Universal Pictures

 image from revenge of the creature
Revenge of the Creature. Courtesy: British Film Institute and Universal Pictures
In this sequel to Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Gill Man is removed from his natural habitat and taken to a marine park to be studied by scientists, who test their evolutionary theories through sometimes cruel experiments.

Breaking free, the Gill Man goes on a murderous rampage in a desperate attempt to capture his beloved (scientist Helen Dobson) and to take her back to the Black Lagoon.

Director Jack Arnold made the creature particularly sympathetic in this sequel, and in doing so, firmly established the Gill Man alongside Frankenstein and King Kong in the canon of lonely misunderstood monsters provoked to violence.

part of focus on monsters: kiss of the beast

Dates   Sun 18 Dec 2005, 5pm
Admission   Full $13  Concession $10
Six session pass: Full $60  Concession $48
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