trader horn

W.S. Van Dyke, 122 mins, USA, 1931, B&W, 16mm. Courtesy: Academy Film Archive & Hollywood Classics

 image from trader horn
Trader Horn. Courtesy: British Film Institute and Hollywood Classics
Loosely based on a book by real-life trader Alfred Aloysius Horn, Trader Horn stars Harry Carey, on safari with his sidekick (Duncan Renaldo) and his African guide Rencharo (Mutia Omoolu).

They encounter a missionary woman who is searching for her long-lost daughter Nina (Edwina Booth), whose sexual allure as a 'white woman gone native' creates dramatic tension.

Winning the 1931 Academy Award® for Best Picture, the film's spectacular jungle footage stunned audiences on its release.

part of focus on monsters: kiss of the beast

Dates   Sat 10 Dec 2005, 7pm
Admission   Full $13  Concession $10
Six session pass: Full $60  Concession $48
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