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image from gypsies are found near heaven
Gypsies Are Found Near Heaven

How the gypsy has been imagined on screen, and why cinema has been swept up in a hot-blooded flourish of song and dance.

Thursday 8 June - Sunday 18 June 2006
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Cinema has always been captivated by the notion of the gypsy. From its earliest incarnations, (the now lost) Georges Melies' Campement des Bohemiens (1896), the screen gypsy has allowed filmmakers to concoct tales of unadulterated escapism, full of drama, passion and colour set in a land far, far away.

But is there another kind of screen gypsy, one far removed from the stereotypical billowing skirt and hoop earrings?

Within this season the notion of the screen gypsy will be explored in many guises, from contemporary social documentaries to lavish music filled spectaculars, providing a snapshot of cinemas prevailing love affair with this subject matter and alluring audiences with the spirit of these films - passion, endurance, beauty, freedom and melodrama.

Curated by Kristy Matheson. Inspired by Once We Were Birds: Romani Cinema, curated by Ludmila Cvikova for the Rotterdam Film Festival.

thumbnail from the loves of carmen

the loves of carmen

Dancing, singing and castanetting her way across the screen, Hayworth is electric as the feisty, man-eating gypsy Carmen.

thumbnail from pavee lackeen

pavee lackeen

This beautifully affecting debut offers an intimate view of traveller life in the industrial outskirts of contemporary Dublin.

thumbnail from angelo my love

angelo my love

Robert Duvall paints a portrait of a New York Gypsy community and the relentless quest of one boy to regain possession of a family ring.

thumbnail from i met some happy gypsies too

i met some happy gypsies too

A critical and box office hit on its release, it has lost none of its currency and remains as immediate today with audiences worldwide.

thumbnail from black cat white cat

black cat white cat

Set on the banks of the Danube, this ramshackle tale charts the ups and downs of a group of small time gypsy hustlers.

thumbnail from gypsy and the gentleman

gypsy and the gentleman

Flamboyant costuming, blazing colours and elaborate settings all play to the "Hollywood" vision of the Gypsy.

thumbnail from gypsies are found near heaven

gypsies are found near heaven

A seminal work in its depiction of Romany people on screen, Loteanu's visually sumptuous masterpiece is breathtaking in its scale and romance.

thumbnail from ceija stojka - portrait of a romni

ceija stojka - portrait of a romni

Berger's portrait of Austrian intellectual, author and artist Ceija Stojka is an intimate and moving record of Romany life in pre and post-war Europe.

thumbnail from the green grass beneath

the green grass beneath

Six years after their first filmic encounter, Berger returns to speak with Ceija Stojka about her experiences as a child inmate.

thumbnail from gadjo dilo

gadjo dilo

The third instalment in Gatlif's Gypsy trilogy explores the interplay between a Romany community and a Gadjo (non-Roma).

thumbnail from vierka

vierka, or the mystery of family b's disappearance

"A documentary that starts out as a portrait of a young talented Romany singer turns into a drama about two different versions of the truth".

thumbnail from latcho drom

latcho drom

Across sandy deserts, snow covered plains and European towns, Latcho Drom, spans the origins and history of the Roma people entirely through song.

thumbnail from hot blood

hot blood

Well described as a "visually lurid gem", this rarely seen musical/melodrama embodies all the charged eroticism for which the director was famous.

Thu 8 Jun - Sun 18 Jun 2006
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