Focus on Ozploitation


Co-presented with the Melbourne International Film Festival

Lashings of gratuitous sex, violence and fuel-injected muscle car mayhem - the 70s and 80s Aussie exploitation films that broke all the taboos.

Co-curated by director Mark Hartley and inspired by his long awaited documentary Not Quite Hollywood, these legendary works smash their way back onto the big screen after prowling the filmic wilderness for decades.

Friday 25 July - Sunday 10 August 2008
Single tickets $16.50

Read Brian Trenchard-Smith's essay No Film for Chickens

Thanks to Madman, National Film and Sound Archive of Australia, IFM and Antony I Ginnane, NSW Film & Television Office, FremantleMedia Australia, Southern Star, Kennedy Miller, Richard Brennan, Jennifer Hadden, Rod Hay, David Elfick and Ron Saunders

panels and talks

focus on ozploitation panel discussion

See classic Ozploitation trailers and hear a lively panel discussion featuring some of the key directors and producers from the era.

film screenings

long weekend

When a bickering suburban couple decide to go camping at a remote beach, they find themselves on the receiving end of Mother Nature's bad mood.

turkey shoot

A group of inmates in the not-too-distant year '2000' are unleashed and hunted down like 'roos. Much spearing and evisceration ensues...

dead end drive-in

Brian Trenchard-Smith creates a new punk suburbia in this 80s classic, in which unemployed teenagers are sentenced to life in a drive-in cinema.


A lonely truck driver gives a young American woman a lift. Unfortunately for him, the young woman happens to be scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis...


Australia's legendary instalment in the 'Nature Goes Nuts' horror genre. Screens with George Miller's first short film Violence in the Cinema Part 1.

barry mckenzie holds his own

Beer guzzling and chasing sheilas are the orders of the day when Barry (Barry Crocker) and his Aunt Edna (Barry Humphries) fly off to Paris.

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