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image from punk and the pistols
Punk and the Pistols

Piercingly political and anti-establishment, get up close and angry with the music subculture that defined a generation.

Friday 11 May - Sunday 20 May
Full $13 Concession $10
Six Session Pass: Full $60 Concession $48

In the midst of a current punk revival criticised for being more 'mall core' than hard core, rediscover the real thing at ACMI.

Curated by Jack Sargeant.

This season of films has been inspired by No Focus: Punk on Film edited by Chris Barter and Jack Sargeant. Available from the ACMI Shop. 

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Derek Jarman's vivid depiction and celebration of all that was punk about London circa 1977.

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'The Rejected' are a gang of disenfranchised Californian punks living, hanging out and trying to survive in Reagan's 80s.

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ghost on the highway

Gun Club, with vocalist Jeffrey Lee Pierce, was one of only a handful of bands to genuinely push the punk/post-punk template.

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shorts 1: punk and post punk

From industrial music to Bay Area hardcore to punksploitation, this selection of short films and documentaries lets punk loose in all its variety.

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ladies and gentlemen, the fabulous stains

The Stains are an all-girl punk band trying to escape small town America and change the world in this 'youthsploitation' classic.

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punk and the pistols

Inspired by Jon Savage's classic book England's Dreaming, this documentary tells the whole story of punk rock in London.

shorts 2: nyc no wave

This collection of politically sharp punk/anti-punk classics features members of the 'no wave' music scene which flourished briefly alongside punk.

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made in britain

Directed by Alan Clarke, Made in Britain is a brutally realistic portrayal of skinheads, racism, violence and urban neglect in Thatcher's Britain.

thumbnail for billy childish & the chatham super 8 cinema

billy childish & the chatham super 8 cinema

A unique insight into the incredibly creative Billy Childish who took punk rock's 'do-it-yourself' dictum to the limits.

thumbnail for desperate living

desperate living

The last of John Waters' legendary 'trash trilogy' is classic pre-punk punk, full of homicidal lesbians, perverted cops and plenty more to boot.

thumbnail for repo man

repo man

Harry Dean Stanton and Emilio Estevez are repo men, hunting a car with a mysterious cargo in the trunk.

thumbnail for the great rock n roll swindle

the great rock n roll swindle

The story of the Sex Pistols, told through Julien Temple's epic movie that mixes rebellion, history, animation, and punk rock.

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