focus on a century of russian cinema


Featuring monumental films from Eisenstein and Tarkovsky, don't miss this celebration of newly restored and rarely seen Soviet-era cinema classics.

Thursday 17 April - Sunday 27 April 2008
$13 Concession $10
6 Session Pass: Full $60 Concession $48

A presentation of Seagull Films in cooperation with the Film Society of Lincoln Centre and Concern Mosfilm. Supported by the Russian Ethnic Representative Council of Victoria

walking the streets of moscow

This light-hearted film follows a day in the life of Kolya, a construction worker not yet out of his teens.

battleship potemkin

Based on the famous revolt by the crew of a Russian warship, Eisenstein's Potemkin has become one of the most influential films of all time.

jolly fellows

Yelena is an ambitious but untalented singer who mistakes a simple shepherd for a famous jazz band leader.

alexander nevsky

Eisenstein's classic is an intense and almost surreal historical epic depicting the battle between good and evil.


Sadko embarks on a voyage in search of true happiness, something he's sure must exist in a far-off land.

the cranes are flying

Two lovers are separated with the outbreak of World War II, their story becoming the story of a nation.


A mysterious Zone is said to contain a room that grants wishes; the Stalker will take you there for a fee.

uncle vanya

Anton Chekhov's masterpiece about the breakdown of a family held together by a tissue of lies and self-deceptions.

the ascent

During the Second World War, two soldiers are separated from their platoon, captured by the Germans and sent to a prison camp

the letter never sent

A guide and three geologists search for diamonds through the virgin forests of Central Siberia.

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