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How Osamu Tezuka transformed his manga into anime for film and television.

Thu 7 Dec - Sun 17 Dec 2006

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Covering a broad spectrum of issues and styles, the anime of Osamu Tezuka (1928-1989) consistently combines seemingly-cute characters with powerful post-nuclear sentiments. Familiar yet strange, European yet Asian, kitsch yet elegant - Tezuka's iconic animated work affords the viewer an insight into the perplexing formal mutations and weird narrative contortions which typify postwar Japanese culture.

Curated by Philip Brophy

Also see Kids' Flicks for a special selection of classic children's anime from Osamu Tezuka screening throughout the January school holidays.

Sponsored by The Japan Foundation, © Tezuka Productions

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black jack

Forebodingly topical and refreshingly inventive, Black Jack retains the core themes of Tezuka's long-running adult manga.

thumbnail from tales of the street corner

shorts program 1

Parallel to producing successful anime from his manga, Tezuka pursued a dedicated interest in animation as an art form.

thumbnail from metropolis


Tezuka's original manga from 1947 was inspired by a still from Fritz Lang's seminal sci-fi film of the same name.

thumbnail from prime rose

prime rose

Gladiatorial spectacle, retro-sci-fi and the sexy feisty Prime Rose herself - it's an all-Tezuka mash-up. Australian premiere!

thumbnail from green cat

shorts program 2

This selection of Tezuka's shorts presents a range of narrative tales expressed through his heightened artistry and structural innovation.

thumbnail from unico

the fantastic adventure of unico

Dripping with Euro-kitsch, The Fantastic Adventure of Unico is an audio-visual summation of 'kawaii' (cute).

jungle emperor

Originating from Tezuka's 1951 manga, Jungle Emperor is a remarkably forward-thinking eco-friendly work.

thumbnail from cleopatra


Fulfilling Tezuka's desire to openly eroticise his characterisation of the famous Egyptian queen, Cleopatra is a riotous romp.

thumbnail from astro boy

tv series program 1

Kimba The White Lion vies with Astro Boy in terms of distinction and cuteness.

thumbnail from space firebird 2772

space firebird 2772

Space Firebird 2772 is a lengthy saga infusing Buddhist, Shinto and Zen concepts with sci-fi pondering.

thumbnail from 1001 nights

1001 nights

Beautifully dated and hedonistically constructed, 1001 Nights stays true to the sensory backdrop of Scheherazade's tale spinning.

thumbnail from princess knight

tv series program 2

This program features four opening episodes from some of Tezuka's less-known anime TV series.

thumbnail from marine express

marine express

Marine Express has just about every famous Tezuka character playing a role.

thumbnail from baggy


Tezuka's Baggy is an oblique response to the Japanese Government's approval of genetic experimentation in the early 1980s.

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