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The Notorious Bettie Page

How a daring independent American producer has brought subversive stories of politics, sexual transgression and gender-bending into the limelight.

Thursday 19 October - Sunday 29 October
Full $13 Concession $10
Six Session Pass: Full $60 Concession $48

Curated by Lisa Pieroni. Read the program notes


thumbnail from mrs harris

mrs harris

This film explores the lurid 1980s murder scandal that saw the headmistress of a posh girls' school shoot and kill her lover of 15 years.

thumbnail from a dirty shame

a dirty shame

John Waters returns to trashy top form with this giddy sex farce; his most outrageous film since Pink Flamingos.

thumbnail from the notorious betttie page

the notorious bettie page

The story follows fifties pin-up queen Bettie Page, from Nashville to New York; from modelling, to nude photography, to fetish pictures.

thumbnail from velvet goldmine

velvet goldmine

A swooningly sexy tribute to the rude boys in mascara and heels who detonated the musical and sexual explosion of seventies.

thumbnail from far from heaven

far from heaven

Todd Haynes' lavish and ultimately moving Douglas-Sirk-style melodrama.

thumbnail from happiness


This portrait of three upper-middle-class New Jersey sisters and their families is a harsh, bitterly funny look at desire, lust and transgression.

thumbnail from kids

kids + oreos with attitude

Set of the course of a single summer day, Kids follows Telly and his aimless gang as they swing their skateboards through the streets New York.

thumbnail from i shot andy warhol

i shot andy warhol

Harron tells the tale of Valerie Solanas' fifteen minutes of fame when she strode into the Andy Warhol Factory, and blasted the owner away.

thumbnail from poison


The universe Haynes creates with his three intercut stories is lurid, sadistic and unabashedly homoerotic.

thumbnail from office killer

office killer

Goody-goody Dorine Douglas is a diligent copy editor. One night doing overtime she accidentally electrocutes one of her bossy colleagues.


Writer/director Tom Kalin nails the pathology of bigotry in his take on the infamous flapper-age trial of Leopold and Loeb.

thumbnail from go fish

go fish

High spirits, candor, and heart prevail in this explicit, low-budget feature shot in grainy black and white.

thumbnail from one hour photo

one hour photo

Romanek's gripping psychodrama stars Robin Williams as Sy Parrish, the manager of a one-hour photo stand in a Sav-Mart superstore.

thumbnail from hedwig & the angry inch

hedwig & the angry inch

Rich in imagination and daring, Mitchell's triumphant transfer of the stage musical to the screen is a tour de force.

the safety of objects

The Safety of Objects takes an intensely personal look at the characters who live with their daily frustrations, guilt, regrets and hang ups.

boys don't cry

Boys Don't Cry is based on the real life story of Teena Brandon, a teenage girl who preferred to live as a boy in a tiny Nebraskan town.

thumbnail from safe


Carol (Julianne Moore), a housewife living in a bubble of antiseptic privilege, begins showing symptoms of a peculiar malaise.

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