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Thursday 5 May - Monday 16 May 2005

ACMI is proud to present the first major Wong Kar-wai retrospective in Australia and to celebrate the Melbourne premiere of his much-anticipated 2046.

Championed in Europe as the 'Godard for the MTV generation' Wong Kar-wai's films have received considerable international acclaim, especially at the Cannes Film Festival where his work has been awarded Best Director (Happy Together), Best Actor (Tony Leung, In the Mood For Love) and received three Golden Palm nominations, including for 2046.

In Hong Kong he occupies a unique position, having defined a personal cinema within the commercial industry. One of cinemas true collaborators, his key creative relationships include Australian-born cinematographer Christopher Doyle, production designer/editor William Chang and Canto-pop idols of the calibre of Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Maggie Cheung, Leslie Cheung and Faye Wong.

Wong Kar-wai's cinema is lush and beautiful. This is a rare opportunity to luxuriate in all its pleasures.

Curated by Clare Stewart

Supported by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office

ACMI is also presenting Focus on Wong Kar-wai in Sydney at Dendy Opera Quays from Saturday May 14 - Wednesday May 18. The season will include the Sydney premiere of 2046 on Saturday 14 May. For more information please go to Dendy cinemas website

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Wong Kar-wai's much anticipated 2046 centres on novelist Mo Wan (Tony Leung Chiu-wai) and his dalliances with several women.

days of being wild (a fei jing juen)

Leslie Cheung plays self-obsessed and sexy Yuddi, a pampered and decadent young man juggling the romantic attentions of two women.

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in the mood for love

In the Mood for Love is a dreamlike evocation of the romance between handsome Mr Chow (Tony Leung) and timeless beauty Mrs Chan (Maggie Cheung).

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book launch: wong kar-wai: auteur of time

Join Melbourne-based author Stephen Teo for the launch of the first long-form work to focus entirely on the cinema of Wong Kar-wai.

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chungking express (chong qing sen lin)

This pop culture delight orbits around four characters: two lonely cops, a mysterious woman in a trench coat and a restless waitress.

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fallen angels (duo luo tian shi)

Wong Kar-wai's kinetically charged Fallen Angels features the story of an archetypal hit man and his lonely agent.

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happy together (cheun gwong tsa sit)

A mesmerizing film that follows the volatile romance between two gay Chinese expatriates living in Buenos Aires.

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buenos aires zero degree

This documentary reconstructs Wong Kar-wai's chaotic filmmaking process: using outtakes, numerous alternate endings and rejected narratives.

as tears go by (wong gok ka moon)

Wong Kar-wai's directorial debut follows a small-time gangster caught up trying to protect his friend while falling for his sickly cousin.

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final victory (zui hou sheng li)

Director Patrick Tam is widely considered Wong Kar-wai's original mentor, sharing his preoccupation with themes of urban alienation.

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focus on wong kar-wai: panel discussion

Wong Kar-wai fans are invited to join Philippa Hawker, Stephen Teo, Karena Salinka and Clare Stewart in a discussion about his cinema.

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orientations chris doyle: stirred not shaken

Australian born Doyle has risen to international fame as a cinematographer with his collaborations with Wong Kar-wai among his most celebrated work.

A free selection of ads and music videos directed by Wong Kar-wai will screen daily in the Function Space

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