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game character drawing competition

Our Game Character drawing competition received over 100 entries and we're still working to get them all posted in our gallery.

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But we do have a winner! Let us introduce to you Benson with his special ability of being able to "repair anything very quickly." A very useful skill for a game character.

Congratulations to our first-prize winner Alex, age 7. Your prize pack is on its way.

And here are our two runners-up:
Vauge's special ability is definitely invisibility.
    Eraser Man
Eraser Man is a villain who can rub out anything.

Congratulations to Leah, age 13, and Tahla, age 11. Your prizes are on their way too.

Thanks to everyone who entered. You'll be receiving your Two-for-One Pass to Kids' Flicks at ACMI shortly.

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