Game On Events

Events that have featured as part of the Game On exhibition at ACMI.

special programs

connecting generations through games

Discussions on the science of gameplay and the potential benefits of belonging to a games community.

mobile games and entertainment symposium

Australian industry experts discuss the future possibilities and challenges of mobile entertainment.

curator tour

An in-depth tour of the Game On exhibition.


Experience the thrill of fast action, high paced professional gaming as Australia's top teams compete at a pro-league level.

open studio with tantalus interactive

Drop into our open studio and see game artists from Tantalus Interactive at work as part of Game On.


Join us for a once-only retro-filled celebration of videogame collecting.

industry programs

game girls: industry development day

Join the inaugural Game Girls gala day promoting game development as an exciting and creative career path for young women.

family programs

wii bowling championship

Don your best monogrammed shirt and challenge yourself and others in Nintendo's Wii Sports Bowling Championship!

wii tennis championship

Break out your sweatbands and pleated skirts, and get ready to discover the intuitive and realistic feel that has made Wii such a sensation.

nintendo introductory training session

An introductory training session for Nintendogs and Animal Crossing.

live gameplay: de blob

Roll De Blob to liberate the lifeless city of Chroma and fill it with rich colour.

live gameplay: viva pinata

Fun and crazy party games with the colourful characters of Viva Piñata.

game on kids activity centre

A special kids space featuring gameplay, drawing activities, educational games and fun activity sheets.

navigating games for parents

Short talks for parents and families covering such topics as navigating games and classifications.

talks, forums & screenings

the making of dung

Discover how Dudley the Dung Beetle got his own game.

yahtzee and jason hill in conversation

A no-holds-barred discussion about playing games for a living, writing about them and becoming somewhat famous in the process.

curator tour

An in-depth tour of the Game On exhibition.

crossing borders - the convergence of film and games

Combine an exploration of the exhibition with a fascinating lecture exposing the crossovers in narratives, graphics and marketing.

hell boy from film to game

Taking Hell Boy by Krome Studios Australia as its case study this session examines the journey from book to film to videogame.

virtually ethical

As part of Game On this panel discussion will explore the legal and ethical issues that arise from virtual actions.

what's a good game?

Leading game reviewers argue the finer points of game reviewing.

did i really kill someone?

Key commentators and academics discuss the findings of recent research into the impact of violence in video games on school age people.

aussie games

As part of Game On a panel of experts put forward their favourite Australian made games and discuss what makes them Australian.

8 bit: a documentary about art and videogames

8 Bit is an acclaimed hybrid documentary exploring the history of artists and video games.

an expert's tour of second life

Take a tour of this much-discussed cultural phenomenon with Australia's first artists in residence in Second Life.

an expert's tour of world of warcraft

A journey into the sights and stories of the land of Azeroth.

in conversation with al alcorn

Special guest Al Alcorn talks with Swinburne University's Christian McCrea about Pong.

the story of pong

Pong designer Al Alcorn talks about the origin of Atari and the videogame world's first killer app.

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