An Australian-French exhibition about games and how games influence interactive media projects. The exhibition includes two dual site multi-player games streamed between ACMI and Experimedia:
image from acmipark


Major ACMI commission acmipark, created by independent game designers selectparks, is a multiplayer virtual world, and can be accessed at ACMI or via a client application that can be downloaded for free online. It can hold up to 64 players at any one time, who may communicate via in-world chat.

Removed of the competitive elements of games, acmipark offers a rich aural and visual environment to explore, where the users throw light balls to illuminate the dark subterranean spaces and play with the reflective surfaces of the Federation Square architecture.

A ground-breaking work - acmipark was one of ten finalists in the Independent Games Competition, Game Developers Conference San Jose in March 2004. It is an incredibly accessible and innovative game based installation that puts Australia at the forefront of innovative interactive design.

You can explore acmipark online. Check out the selectparks website.

image from palazzo littorio

Palazzo Littorio

Palazzo Littorio is an architectural design project that uses game engine technology to visualise and present both archive material and new designs. It is based on an unrealised design by the architect Giuseppe Terragni for the 1934 architectural competition by Italian dictator Benedito Mussolini for the headquarters of the Italian fascist party in Rome.

The space is reactivated by the addition of a series of temporary galleries (by Architecture students at Auckland University), which explore ideas for the design of new media exhibition spaces and address ideas of the politics of display.

Dates   Friday 1 October - Sunday 14 November 2004
Admission   Free admission
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