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gattaca: is the sky the limit?

gattaca study guide cover

Gattaca: Is the Sky the Limit?
Gary Simmons
ISBN 1 920805 03 6





  • perspectives on genre, context and narrative structure
  • detailed running sheet
  • close analysis of key scenes
  • a critical perspective
  • helpful and practical advice on 'reading' films
  • sample questions based on the English Study Design

gattace study guide

table of contents

Why Study Gattaca?
Glossary of Important Film Terms
Chapter 1 Getting Started
   Gattaca Trivia Quiz
   An Introduction to Gattaca - Genre and Context
   A Brief History of Science Fiction in Film
   Reading Non-Print Texts
      What to Look for When Viewing Non-Print Texts
      Structure and Meaning in Feature Films
      Complex Meaning Systems
      Shared Meaning Systems
   Film Language and Gattaca
   Some Practical Advice for Students
   Getting the Most out of the Film
   Suggested Starting Points
      Activity 1: Preliminary Questions on Gattaca
      Activity 2: Establishing Some Definitions
      Activity 3: Images and Their Effectiveness
Chapter 2 The Film in Detail
   Running Sheet
   Narrative Structure in Gattaca
   Analysis of Key Scenes
   A Sample Close Analysis of the Opening Scene
   Other Scenes to Explore
Chapter 3 Themes and Interpretations
   Activity 4: Discussion of Gattaca's Themes
   A Perspective on the Film
Chapter 4 Gattaca Across the English Study Design
   Unit 3 English/Esl
      Outcome 1 Activity
      Outcome 2 Activity
   Unit 4
      Outcome 1 Activity
      Preparing for the English Exam
      Outcome 2 Activity
      Classroom Activity
References and Resources

about the author

Gary Simmons was a teacher of English, literature and more recently the moving image. From 1992-94 he was Education Officer at the Victorian Association for the Teaching of English (VATE), and he taught at University High School in 1995-96 before undertaking postgraduate study in cinema studies. In 1999 he taught in a Junior College in Singapore and most recently worked as a Secondary Education Programmer at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, while working part time on his Master's degree exploring representations of masculinity in Australian film.

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