Escape From New York

John Carpenter, 99 mins, USA, 1981, Digital Betacam. Courtesy: Studio Canal.

Escape From New York
Escape From New York
Specially chosen by videogame designer Hideo Kojima

Sometime in the not too distant future, New York city has become riddled with crime. So much so, that the once thriving metropolis has been sealed off, becoming the world's largest free-roaming prison.

When the President's plane crashes within its walls, dangerous criminal Snake Pliskin (Kurt Russell) is called in to help locate the missing President.

John Carpenter's ingenious sci-fi, although written in 1974 and made in 1980, addresses some very prescient truths about the state of affairs in our post 9/11 world. Politics aside, it's hard to go past the film's blend of embittered cynicism, hardboiled characters (including Isaac Hayes as head villain, the Duke) and lean, mean action.

Hideo Kojima's hugely popular Metal Gear series owes a knowing debt to Carpenter's cult favourite as he used the film's lead character, urban guerrilla Snake Pliskin, as inspiration for Metal Gear character, Solid Snake.

The screening will be introduced by a specially recorded message from Hideo Kojima.

Dates   Sun 8 Jul 2012, 3.30pm
    No Longer Available
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