Heavy Metal

Gerald Potterton, 86 mins, Canada, 1981, 35mm. Courtesy: Sony Pictures.

Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal

Specially chosen by videogame designer Tim Schafer

Based on the cult magazine series of the same name, this ribald animation feature combines science fiction, mysticism, sex, violence and rock music to heady effect.

The film consists of a series of loosely connected stories linked by a mysterious and evil green meteorite, combined with Amazonian women shedding their clothes at regular intervals.

Otherworld imagery aside, the film boasts an orgiastic soundtrack that includes Black Sabbath, Grand Funk Railroad, Sammy Hager, Cheap Trick, Stevie Nicks, Journey, and Nazareth.

Tim Schafer's tribute to rock lore, BrĂ¼tal Legend, traded on Heavy Metal's iconic and fantastical imagery.

This screening will be introduced by a specially recorded message from Tim Schafer.

Dates   Sun 22 Jul 2012, 3.30pm
    No Longer Available
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