Sleeping Beauty

Clyde Geronimi, 75 mins, USA, 1959, 16mm. Source: ACMI Collection. Courtesy: Walt Disney Studios, Australia.

Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty

Specially chosen by videogame designer Warren Spector

Featuring a cursed princess, the most evil of witches, a dashing prince and a fire-breathing dragon, this quintessential fairy tale, based on a brothers Grimm story, is one of Disney's most enduring classics.

The film's glorious visual palette is partly attributed to Eyvind Earle, one of Disney's great colour stylists and art directors, who drew inspiration from medieval tapestries, paintings and Persian and Asian art to realise the film's look.

With Disney Interactive, Warren Spector created his ultimate game Epic Mickey from the perspective of both designer and fan. Spector describes the the impact of seeing Sleeping Beauty for the first time, saying that "the love story I could take or leave back then, but Maleficent (the evil witch) hooked me on movies, hooked me on fantasy, hooked me on Disney...[I] never got over it".

The screening will be introduced by a specially recorded message from Warren Spector.


Sun 30 Sep 2012, 3pm

    No Longer Available
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