don's party

R 18+
Bruce Beresford, 90 mins, Australia, 1976, 35mm. Courtesy: Sharmill Films

image from don's party
Don's Party
Bruce Beresford adroitly translates to the screen David Williamson's acidly funny and unrelenting take on 1960s suburbia.

On election day, 25 October 1969, Don (John Hargreaves) and Kath (Jeanie Drynan) throw a party to celebrate what they hope will be the first Labor Party victory in twenty years. Nothing goes according to plan and the party degenerates into an early morning alcoholic haze and the painful exchange of home truths.

Features one of finest ensemble casts of its time, including Graham Kennedy, Ray Barrett and Graeme Blundell.

Dates   Sat 10 Mar 2007, 2pm
No Longer Available
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