Donald Crombie, 100 mins, Australia, 1976, 35mm. Courtesy: NFSA and Anthony Buckley Productions

 image from caddie

Set in 1925, Donald Crombie's touching and good-humoured film is based on the autobiography Caddie, published anonymously by a Sydney barmaid in 1953.

Helen Morse delivers a spirited performance as a suburban housewife who takes her two small children and leaves her husband after he commits adultery with her best friend.

Working through the Depression to support herself and her family, Morse succeeds in portraying Caddie as a credible feminist who survives because of her strong work ethic, ingenuity and determination.

Caddie, also starring Jack Thompson and Jacki Weaver, was a major box office success.

Note: Screens on Sunday instead of regular Great Australian Cinema on Saturdays

Dates   Sun 4 Dec 2005, 2pm
Admission   All Tickets $8
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