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Green Initiatives

Towards a greener ACMI
"Our commitment is to reduce [our] impact through innovative management and by adopting best practice wherever possible..."

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) takes responsibility for its environmental footprint, promoting sustainable practices in all its activities.

Our commitment to minimise our environmental impact underpins our programming and business planning. We actively promote responsible environmental management with our staff, volunteers, stakeholders, partners, clients and suppliers.

Our environmental commitment includes:

  • Making efficient use of resources and reducing emissions and waste
  • Promoting environmentally responsible purchasing
  • Setting key performance indicators to clearly monitor our performance on greenhouse gas emissions, energy usage, waste output and paper consumption
  • Contributing to the development of best practice principles for the Australian arts sector.
View our Environmental Policy [PDF] [115KB]

Here are some of the initiatives we have put in place:

Paper and Printing
  • Finsbury Green is used for most printing, including our 48pp bi-monthly What's On booklet. They have world's best practice ISO14001:2004 Environment Management Systems certification.
  •  The ACMI What's On is sent in Totally Degradable Plastic Wrap, which biodegrades into carbon dioxide, water and biomass with no harmful residues.
  •  We use FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) sustainable paper stocks and vegetable based inks for offset printing where possible.
  •  All staff printing is automatically double-sided and on recycle paper and bins are provided at all desks to encourage recycling.
  • Audio/visual equipment is used in meetings to avoid printing minutes and agendas.

    Power and Water
  •  We purchase 25% green power through our energy supplier AGL.
  •  Energy efficient lighting systems operate in ACMI offices, galleries and programming spaces.
  •  Federation Square collects and stores rainwater for use across the site.
  •  Bathrooms at ACMI feature water-saving technology, including hand basin flow restrictors and waterless urinals. Cleaning products used in bathrooms are environmentally friendly.

  •  Screens and other powered technology in our exhibition spaces and offices are programmed for automatic shut down after hours.
  •  Computers used by staff are low wattage and feature low toxicity screens.
  •  Computers and mobile phones are recycled when past their useful life.
  •  We reduce road and air couriering of digital assets by using a secure FTP site to transfer large files.

    Staff Participation
  • Two teams are dedicated to sponsoring a greener ACMI: our Sustainability Steering Group and our Green Team.
  • Staff adopt regular paper-free days and are actively involved in initiatives such as Business Clean Up Day.

    We're always working on ways to reduce our footprint - if you've got any ideas for us, you can send them through our contact form. Future initiatives will be updated here as they are implemented.
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