Hello Darkness Horror Film Festival Survival of the Fittest

Let the Right One In
Let the Right One In
Change your perception of horror, with a program of well crafted, beautifully shot films.

The festival brings horror to a wider audience, pushing people's expectations of what the genre can offer.

The films selected aim to explore the idea of 'survival of the fittest' and produce an array of visceral and mental responses within the viewer, leading them to ask, "what would I do next"?

Monday 26 October - Thursday 29 October 2009
Full $15 Concession $12
4 Session Package: Full $50 Concession $40

Paranormal Activity

A couple are increasingly terrifed by a ghostly presence in their home in this supernatural horror.

The Last House on the Left

A couple get even with the thugs who brutally assaulted their daughter in this horror revenge flick.

Let the Right One In (Låt den rätte komma in)

The girl next door is not quite what she seems in this stylish vampire horror film from Sweden.


Three partying youths encounter a shepherd who has prepared himself for a night of Satanic worship.

High Tension (Haute tension)

Two college friends are terrorised by a deranged killer in this gripping French horror film.

Dead Man's Shoes

A disaffected ex-soldier returns home to exact revenge against the thugs who brutalised his brother.

The Descent

Six friends must fight to survive when they become trapped in a cave and realise they aren't alone.

The Descent 2

In this spine-chilling sequel, Sarah returns underground to try and locate her missing friends.

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