Unclassified 15+
Ursula Meier, 98 mins, France/Belgium, 2008, 35mm, French with English subtitles. Courtesy: Memento Films.

Marthe (Isabelle Huppert) and her family have created a rag-tag utopia in the home they built and have lived in for more than a decade. Located by the side of a disused freeway, the family refuses to budge when the road abruptly re-opens.

In director Ursula Meier's oddball absurdist fable the family chooses to "adapt to the point of madness". They are seemingly unwilling or unable to move despite the relentless drone of the freeway traffic that increasingly encroaches on their domestic life. As the auditory assault on the family amps up, Marthe and her family devise ever more surreal ways to adapt to their new circumstances.

Meier's strikingly original feature, which she describes as her "reverse road movie", also benefits terrifically from her close collaboration with cinematographer Agnes Godard (Beau Travail).

"A funny, moving and thought-provoking drama that tackles issues of environmental anxiety, familial strife and the essential pleasure of a quiet night in" - New Directors/New Films
Dates   Sat 27 Oct 2012, 9pm

Tue 30 Oct 2012, 7pm

    No Longer Available
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