the old thieves (ladrones viejos)

R 18+
Everardo González, 97 mins, Mexico, 2007, 35mm, Spanish with English subtitles

the old thieves (ladrones viejos)
The Old Thieves (Ladrones Viejos)
In documenting the story of the legendary El Carrizos and other famous Mexican outlaws of the 1960s, director Everardo González paints a chilling yet humorous portrait of the Mexican criminal underworld: the delinquents who thrived in the city and, more alarming, their close connections to the authorities who allowed them to continue their business.

"Probably the most audacious heist movie you'll ever see - and all the more remarkable for being a true story." Trondheim (Norway) International Film Festival

Dates   Wed 17 Dec 2008, 5.30pm
Fri 19 Dec 2008, 3pm
No Longer Available
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