the desert within (desierto adentro)

R 18+
Rodrigo Plá, 112 mins, Mexico, 2008, 35mm, Spanish with English subtitles

the desert within (desierto adentro)
The Desert Within (Desierto Adentro)
Inspired to make this film after discovering the diaries of the philosopher Sören Kierkegaard, who describes his fear of being condemned to a premature death by his father, Rodrigo Plá's drama explores irrational religious insanity.

Elías has committed a sin against God and he fears he will be punished. He is convinced that God's wrath will manifest itself in the premature death of his eight children. In order to change his family's destiny and earn God's forgiveness, he chooses to live in seclusion and dedicates his life to the construction of a church.

Dates   Sat 20 Dec 2008, 9.45pm
No Longer Available
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