Hola Mexico Film Festival

Chico Grande
'Mexico, a place like the movies!' is the theme of this year's festival, celebrating the contrasting faces and stories of Mexico.

Telling stories of class, economic status, sexual diversity, age and universal dreams, the festival will explore the reality of Mexico, as seen in its most recent cinema.

Friday 21 October - Sunday 30 October 2011
Full $16 Concession $13 ACMI Members $12
Silver Pass: Full $78 Concession/ACMI Members $60 (6 films)
Gold Pass: $130 (10 films including opening and closing night)
Opening Night Fiesta: Full $49 Concession/ACMI Members $40
Closing Night: Full $20 Concession/ACMI Members $15
Student Groups: $10 per student (min 10 students, excludes opening and closing night)

NB > Passes and group tickets can only be purchased by phone (03 8663 2583) or in person at the Tickets & Information Desk. Student group bookings must be paid in full 24 hours prior to screening.

The Raft (Acorazado)

The official opening night selection for the Hola Mexico Film Festival 2011.

Without Her (Sin ella)

A family drama set in modern day Mexico City.

Marimbas From Hell (Las marimbas del infierno)

Official selection of dozens of festivals around the world.


A masterpiece from Felipe Cazals, one of the most important directors in Mexico today.

Hell (El infierno)

The third film in acclaimed director Luis Estrada's trilogy about contemporary Mexico that became a huge box office hit.

The Other Family (La otra familia)

A gay couple adopts a child abandoned by his crack-addict mother.

Saving Private Peréz (Salvando al Soldado Perez)

The comedy that broke all box office records in Mexico in 2011.

Agnus Dei: Lamb of God

A powerful film about the Catholic Church in Mexico and the abuse one of its followers suffered at the hands of church members.

The Cinema Hold Up (Asalto al cine)

Four bored, apathetic teenagers in Mexico City plan a heist on their local cinema.

Ocean Blues

The first feature from director Salomón Askenazi and Hola Mexico's first world premiere.

The Open Sky (El cielo abierto)

Acclaimed documentarian Everardo González's extraordinary documentary about the onset of El Salvador's civil war.

Tin Tan

A documentary about one of Mexican cinema's most important and iconic characters.

Goodbye Cruel World (Adiós mundo cruel)

A unique comedy about modern Mexican families from first-time director Jack Zagha.

Herod's Law (La ley de Herodes)

The first film in Luis Estrada's triology exploring contemporary Mexico.

A Wonderful World (Un mundo maravilloso)

The second film in Luis Estrada's trilogy about contemporary Mexico.

Adverse Reactions (Reacciones adversas)

The debut feature from young director David Michán.

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