Hollywood Remix

Outer Space

Until Sunday 22 November 2009
Open daily 10am - 6pm
Free admission

Hollywood Remix comprises works that transform our experience and understanding of plot and genre in film. Taking the traditional Hollywood narrative as their starting point, they create unconventional forms of storytelling that are humorous, explosive and surprising.

> Outer Space (10 mins, Austria, 1999) by Peter Tscherkassky and Alone. Life Wastes Andy Hardy (15 mins, Austria, 1998) by Martin Arnold both use forensic editing and reprocessing techniques to stretch and cut deeply into the surface of film, revealing layers of unsettling emotions repressed inside their stories

> Virgil Widrich's Fast Film (14 mins, Austria, 2003) tears its way through an action-packed history of Hollywood highlights in a cut-up collage pastiche

Gallery 2

Located on the ground floor next to Screen Worlds, Gallery 2 is a new exhibition space that will house a fresh and innovative program of new commissions, special collaborations and featured works from Australian and international moving image makers.
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