Australian Shorts

Unclassified 18+

Carmen Rupe
Carmen Rupe

This collection of Australian shorts is an eclectic package of local short films that will move, surprise and enlighten.

Features Q&As with a number of the directors.





The Telegram Man James Khehtie, Australia, 2011, 14 mins
Starring Gary Sweet, Jack Thompson and Sigrid Thornton, The Telegram Man explores the impact of war on a close-knit community during World War II.

Unity in Diversity Sarah Catherine Firth, Australia, 2011, 10 mins
This animated documentary, featuring children from the Springvale community, offers a glimpse into contemporary, multicultural Australia.

Eli the Invincible Miranda Nation, Australia, 2011, 14 mins
Eli is a young wrestling fan trying to make sense of the racial violence surrounding him.

The Chicken Hawk and the Crow John Bradley, Art Dir. Brent McKee, Australia, 2011, 2 mins, Yanyuwa with English subtitles
This short animation in the Yanyuwa language was created for Elders and younger generations to share history, language and story.

This Is How You'll Make Your Bed In Prison Katie Mitchell, Australia, 2010, 10 mins
When the Howard government took away the right for prisoners to vote, it didn't count on Vickie Lee Roach, an Indigenous inmate, taking the legislation to the High Court.

Something to Tell You Pete Gleeson, Australia, 2010, 8 mins
Gary has been corresponding with a woman he met on a dating website, and the time to meet is drawing near.

Little Red Riding Hood Jackie Van Beek, Australia, 2011, 4 mins
Starring over 40 students from the Sunshine Special Development School, Little Red Riding Hood is a colourful adaptation of this classic fairy tale.

Carmen Rupe Lucy Hayes, Australia, 2010, 11 mins
From Wellington to King's Cross, Carmen Rupe documents the life and times of a much-loved transgendered icon.

Dates   Fri 25 May 2012, 7pm
    No Longer Available
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