Nicholas Becker's musical approach to the sonic world

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Nicolas Becker on sound

There is no sound in space, so Nicholas Becker's work as foley artist on Gravity was a challenge. By attaching microphones to his body, he crafted a sonic landscape that created the intense atmosphere inside the astronauts' suits, including a distortion of the surging blood in his own head.

The basis of Nicholas' practice is to be authentic and precise using the actual filming locations, costumes and props to recreate the foley and build the sound design. 

On Wuthering Heights he went to all the locations after the shooting was complete to painstakingly recreate all the sounds in the film's environment. He even spent a week with an ornothologist to record the precise birds for the location.

This podcast offers a fascinating insight into the wonderfully original work of Nicholas Becker and is a rich insight into the craft of sound design.