Running Free: Ideas 101

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So you want some new ideas, or maybe just have too many racing around your head. Where do they come from, and which should you work on first? Prolific writer and performer Amal Awad will talk you through an ideas stock take. 

About Amal Awad

Amal Awad - photo by Hoda Afshar

Amal Awad is a journalist, author, screenwriter and performer. She has contributed to such publications as ELLE, Frankie, Meanjin, The Guardian, Going Down Swinging, Daily Life, Sheilas, SBS Life and Junkee. She has also produced and presented for ABC Radio National. 

Outside of mainstream media, Amal has held senior editorial roles at several trade media publications, reporting on such industries as financial services, property and pharmacy. In 2019, she was a TEDx Macquarie speaker, with a talk on ‘Moving beyond the token minority’ in film and television.  

Amal is the author of five books, including two novels. Her next book is a work of non-fiction that delves into the world of New Age, self-help and spirituality, due for release in 2020. She is also working on her next novel and several film and TV projects. 

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