Running Free: Visual online storytelling

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Wondering how to build an audience for your online content? Visual storyteller extraordinaire Michael Shanks from the YouTube channel timtimfed has got the tips and tricks to get you generating those clicks. 

Hosted by Denise Eriksen from Media Mentors.

Running Free is presented in partnership between ACMI and Media Mentors. 

About Michael Shanks

Michael Shanks on the set of Rebooted

Michael’s first ever foray into filmmaking took the grand prize at the 2008 Escapist Film Festival. In the fallout, he got a job with the company directing the largely forgotten, American-produced web series Doomsday Arcade

Since then, he’s curated the popular YouTube channel timtimfed which features a variety of high concept film and comedy content, and has over 35,000,000 online hits. A multi-faceted filmmaker, he is an award-winning writer, director, musician & visual effects artist. Most recently, he created Rebooted – a tribute to visual effects legends and old-school movie monsters who find themselves on the celluloid scrapheap. Rebooted clocked up almost a million views on the timtimfed YouTube channel in a little over a month after its release. 

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