Xanthe Dobbie: Internet art to heal your queer heart

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In honour of Midsumma Festival and our upcoming internet art collaboration with Queertech.IO, new media artist Xanthe Dobbie shares some of her favourite internet art pieces from the last couple of years.

The Popular Front by Soda_Jerk (2011)

Shown as part of the first exhibition in early 2017, this OG Soda_Jerk work enshrines and laments early meme culture in classic cross-referential style. A simpler time for Soda_Jerk before they went fully viral with the arrival of their masterpiece Terror Nullius (2018).

Soda_Jerk's The Popular Front

Love Song Dedications by Ellen.Gif (2017)

I'm so obsessed with this work by Ellen.Gif which was shown as part of our 2018 collection. Ellen created a series of Sim utopias to play out her queer relationship fantasies then scored them with covers of naughties pop bangers - an eleven-year-old version of myself dies for this work.

Ellen.Gif's Love Song Dedications

Something in the Water by Karl Munstedt (2017)

This little gem of a game by Karl Munstedt was also part of our 2018 exhibition. Built on Unity, Something In the Water is beautiful and strange - set in a world of pastel hues and chemically feminized frogs. 

Missed Connections by Emma Dickson (2018)

This wonderful text-driven interactive work by Emma Dickson is due to be part of our upcoming 2019 exhibition. I love the simplicity of form in this work, which really allows you to hone in on notions of fleeting intimacy between relative or complete strangers.

A still from Emma Dickson's Missed Connections

THUG L¡lith  by Systaime (2018)

Strobe warning on this one! This completely nuts interactive web collage by French artist Systaime A.K.A Michaël Borras will also be gracing our 2019 collection. It's safe to say I have essentially no idea what's going on in this work and I love it - absolute chaos as the internet eats itself.

Systaime's THUG L¡lith

About the author

Xanthe Dobbie is a Melbourne and Sydney-based new media artist and member of Collective. Drawing on humour, pop, camp, sex, history and iconography, Xanthe develops on- and offline shrines to a post-truth era. 

Follow Xanthe's work at:

Insta: @xanthedobbie

(header image courtesy of Xanthe Dobbie)