Being Persian

Unclassified 18+

An extended retrospective session of documentaries exploring what it means to be Iranian, wherever home may be.

A festival highlight, this session will also include a moderated discussion.

Screening includes a 20 minute interval.

Plastic Flowers Never Die
Roxanne Varzi, 34 mins, 2008 
Anthropologist, writer and filmmaker Roxanne Varzi spoke to mural painters, museum curators, war veterans and other cultural producers to create this elegiac experimental documentary about the aftermath of the Iran-Iraq war, from the Iranian perspective.

L'Utopie en Marche
Jocelynne Saab, 52 mins, 1980 
Lebanese-born veteran filmmaker Jocelynne Saab has examined social issues from Lebanon to Vietnam, her documentaries and feature films often focussing on women. In 1980, during the Islamic Revolution, she visited Iran on commission by NHK, interviewing many public figures and private individuals. Recently restored, this rare documentary will screen for the first time in English.

Shahin Parhami, 100 mins, 2007 
This multi-layered and poetic documentary from filmmaker Shahin Parhami is a tour de force. The Montreal-based filmmaker reflects on Iranian art, culture, the politics of representation and the history and power of popular media. Parhami makes extensive use of clips of pre- and post-revolutionary Iranian cinema and American films, as well as original interviews with Iranian artists and poets, mostly in diaspora. Years in the making, the work has been superbly edited into a complex and cohesive essay film on Orientalism.

Dates   Sun 14 Oct 2012, 5.30pm
    No Longer Available
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