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and yet it moves

Developer: Christoph Binder, Felix Bohatsch, Jan Hackl and Peter Vorlaufer, Vienna University of Technology (UT Wien), Austria, 2006
IGF Award: Student Showcase Selection

image from and yet it moves
And Yet it Moves. 2007

This combination of platformer and puzzle game features the extra ability to rotate the world.

The player can turn the world clockwise and counter clockwise by 90 degrees.

With this ability you can move objects and yourself, but also need to keep orientated and to watch out for dangerous situations.

Developer's statement
And Yet it Moves was our first game. We wanted to make one that we ourselves would want to play: as gamers who are interested in new ideas, simple but new game play and interesting aesthetics.

Our supervisors were wise enough to constrict us with a 2D engine, so another goal was to give the player more control and fun in a 2D platformer.

Aside from the new game mechanic, the most significant way our game differs from others is in its visuals. Because we didn't have a dedicated artist to start with we tried to achieve a rough look that doesn't need a talented drawer/modeler, but still looks great.

We hope that we give new food to eager eyeballs that are bored by photo realistic graphics.

About the developer
Christoph Binder, Felix Bohatsch, Jan Hackl and Peter Vorlaufer are students of Media informatics at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien). They claim to have a lot of technical knowledge as well as a decent sense of design and aesthetics with not too much practical experience! They are currently making more levels for And Yet it Moves and studying for their Masters degree.

Christopher Binder: Game and Level Designer, Sound, Music, Visual Concept
Felix Bohatsch: Game and Level Designer, Programmer, Visual Concept, Visual Realisation
Jan Hackl: Game and Level Designer, Programmer, Visual Concept, Visual Realisation, Sound
Peter Vorlaufer: Game and Level Designer, Lead Programmer, Visual Concept

Platform developed for: Windows XP, Mac OS
Development time: 6 months