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armadillo run

Developer: Peter Stock, Canada, 2006
IGF Award: Nominee for Seumas McNally Grand Prize and Design Innovation

image from armadillo run
Armadillo Run. Image: Peter Stock, 2006

Challenge your construction know-how in this engrossing physics-based game in which the game objects are simulated according to engineering principles with a high degree of realism.

The player must build a solid construction within budget, adding dynamics such as force, momentum and balance, to transport their armadillo to the next level.

Developer's statement
Armadillo Run utilises Newtonian physics to define the gameplay. Inspired by other physics-based games, I wanted to make a game that combined the designer aspect of Bridge Builder ( with the dynamics of Stair Dismount (

It's quite different from many other games in that most of the time the player is designing rather than engaged in action. Once the design is complete, players see the results when they run the simulation.

I tried to make the game appeal to a wide audience - both young and old. I like to tinker with things in real life - hopefully the game helps other people enjoy this too.

About the developer
Peter Stock is a programmer who's originally from the UK but is currently living in Alberta, Canada. Having previously worked outside the games industry, he decided to have a crack at games development in 2005 and released his first game, Armadillo Run, in 2006. Peter is currently hard at work on his next game which further explores the use of physics in gameplay and again puts players in the role of structural design.

Peter Stock: Designer, Programmer

Platform developed for: Windows
Development time: 9 Months