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ball of bastards

Developer: Hello Earth, Köln International School of Design, Germany, 2006
IGF Award: Student Showcase Selection

image from ball of bastards
Ball of Bastards. Hello Earth

Monty Python meets soccer!

This game lets football fans wreak their revenge on the football monarchy through entertaining, interactive online mini games. 

It playfully addresses the aggression and violent tendencies of fans and athletes in football culture.

Developer's statement
The Ball of Bastards (BoB) concept is based on the violence associated with the football phenomenon.

A website built for the 2006 FIFA World Cup was to be the project's main channel in addressing the aggression and tendency to violence of fans as well as athletes in football culture.

With stylistic devices like satire, sarcasm and a proper portion of irony, BoB points out grievances but also through comedy, relieves the user's aggression.

With absurd, surreal productions, caricatures and black humour, as well as provocative games and animations, BoB creates an online world that displays an overdrawn image of reality and transfers real violence into virtual space.

The combination of 2D designer style and classical 3D glasses is a true novelty in BoB's visual Design - The 3D effect allows the protagonists to leave the flat screen and become involved in a realistic experience.

About the developer
Hello Earth are three game designers from Köln International School of Design in Cologne, Germany. Jan-Philipp Behrens is a Flash programmer and audio-visual media specialist who now runs his own business, mach parat, for the development of Flash based online games and applications. Franz Blach is an independent designer specialised in graphic design, interaction design and audiovisual production. Ingo Feisthamel (aka voodoopixel) works on developing and creating cutting-edge interface solutions for mobile devices. Both Franz and Ingo are part of the Vodaphone User Experience Team (Visual Hub).

Jan-Philipp Behrens: Game Designer and Programmer
Franz Blach: Game Designer and Programmer
Ingo Feisthamel: Game Designer and Programmer

Platform developed for: Windows, Mac, Flash 8 and above
Development time: 5 months