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blast miner

Developer: Cryptic Sea, United States, 2006
IGF Award: Nominee for Technical Excellence

image from blast miner
Blast Miner

Blast through the Earth using TNT, gasoline and stones in this physics puzzler. Blast Miner combines explosions and creative problem solving in a search for chunks of gold.

The deeper you dig, the faster the ground will move up and pieces of dirt and debris will start to damage your machine.

When the machine blows up, it's game over!

Developer's statement
The original idea for Blast Miner was to make a simple arcade-style game in a few months. Development ended up being more difficult than we thought; we had a lot of problems balancing explosion physics with gameplay.

We originally released the game with only the arcade mode, which bombed. We then decided to try an idea for a puzzle mode that turned out really well and saved the game from obscurity.

About the developer
Cryptic Sea is the name used by Santa Cruz, California-based game designers Alex Austin and Edmund McMillen. Alex Austin has done programming and design on games such as Gish and the Bridge Building Game. Currently he is working on Golf?, Ramjets, Gish 2 and a hockey game.

Edmund McMillen is an avid game player who broke into the game industry with his first PC game Gish. Edmund has contributed art to games like Bridge Construction Set, Triptych and Gish. He is currently working as lead designer and artist for Gish 2 and a few other personal projects.

Alex Austin: Programmer, Designer
Edmund McMillen: Artist, Designer

Platform developed for: Windows
Development time: 6 months