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everyday shooter

Developer: Queasy Games, Canada, 2006
IGF Award: Winner of Design Innovation and Winner of Excellence in Audio, Nominee for Seumas McNally Grand Prize

image from everyday shooter
Everyday Shooter. Queasy games

An extraordinary combination of addictive gameplay and poetic abstraction.

Everyday Shooter is structured like a well-crafted music album, except instead of a collection of songs, it's a collection of shooters.

Each shoot-em-up game was motivated by a different inspiration, ranging from games like Every Extend to Hayao Miyazaki's film Porco Rosso.

Developer's statement
Every attempt to create the ultimate in innovative gameplay ended in a complicated mess of rules and controls. Finally I stopped running, stood still and realized that even the simplest of things can be the most beautiful of things.

Thus my tribute to the simplest games that I know: the abstract shoot-em-up.

About the developer
Jonathan Mak, based in Toronto, Canada, is a skinny Chinese kid with long, black, curly hair. Due to his inability to quickly formulate sentences, he chooses to express himself via music and games. His previous works include Gate 88 and ToJam Thing (a Toronto Game Jam '06 contribution).

Jonathan Mak: Designer, Programmer, Music, Sound, Visuals

Platform developed for: Windows 2000 or greater
Development time: 16 Months