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gamma bros

Developer: Pixeljam Inc., United States, 2006
IGF Award: Nominee for Best Web Browser Game

image from gamma bros
Gamma Bros. Gamma Bros by Pixeljam Games

Gamma Bros is a retro-style space shooter similar to classic arcade games like Galaga, Gradius and Robotron, but with a modern twist.

Help the Gamma Brothers get through the most dangerous commute in the galaxy. After all, it is dinnertime on Earth and their families will not be pleased if you don't get Buzz and Zap home safely!

Developer's statement
Gamma Bros was born from the desire to make a game that combined the low-res aesthetic of the 1980s with modern production techniques and web technology.

We wanted to make a game that everyone could enjoy for free and could be easily played from almost anywhere.

By making the game we hoped to show that it is still possible to have a great game experience without bleeding-edge graphics technology; that games at their most basic level should still be fun to play.

Being an independent developer allowed us the freedom to create the game anyway we chose and most importantly it allowed us to do it at our own pace, letting the game's characters and style evolve organically over time.

About the developer
Pixeljam consists of Rich Grillotti (art and animation), Miles Tilmann (programming, visual FX) and Mark DeNardo (music, sound design). The company is based in Chicago, Illinois and was started by the simple idea that three people with different but exceptional skills can get together and make games that break the mould of typically 'disposable' web-based games.

Pixeljam Games has two major goals: create small, compelling experiences that combine the aesthetics and gameplay of modern and classic games and change the way people play (and regard) web-based games. The true aim of Pixeljam is to change the landscape of flash-based entertainment, one game at a time.

Pixeljam is currently working on their next major title: a colorful and exciting adventure set in the insect world.

Rich Grillotti: Artist, Animator
Miles Tilmann: Programmer, Visual FX
Mark Denardo: Music, Sound

Platform developed for: Flash player 8 and above
Development time: 8 months