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racing pitch

Developer: Skinflake, Finland, 2006
IGF Award: Nominee for Excellence in Audio

image from racing pitch
Racing Pitch. Skinflake, 2007

Power a racing car by making engine sounds into the microphone.

This extraordinary audio-based game listens to the pitch of your voice and sends a car speeding along a fixed track accordingly.

Different characters, 11 tracks and various awards to be won are all waiting for you. 

Racing Pitch will leave you breathless!

Developer's statement
We had thought about the idea several times in the past and finally decided to tackle with it and see how it worked out.

It was a great experiment to see how a little racing game with pure voice input would work.

Being an independent developer makes it easier to put out experimental games like this and see how much people like them.

About the developer
Skinflake Games is an idepependent developer who is set to create refreshing, innovative and especially fun games. Previous titles include Stair Dismount, Truck Dismount and Pogo Sticker, which are free and have been widely distributed on the internet. Skinflake is based in Helsinki, Finland.

Jetro Lauha: Designer, Programmer, Music, Graphics, Sound
Sara Kapli: Graphics

Platform developed for: Windows
Development time: 1 month