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Developer: Naked Sky Entertainment, Inc., United States, 2006
IGF Award: Nominee for Seumas McNally Grand Prize and Excellence in Visual Art

image from roboblitz
RoboBlitz. Naked Sky Entertainment, Inc.

RoboBlitz is a humorous, physics-based action game full of inventive gizmos, weapons and environments.

Players become Blitz, a multi-talented robot who must activate an aging Space Cannon in order to save his world from a band of maladjusted space pirates.

Developer's statement
RoboBlitz is inspired by some of our favourite classic games like Megaman, Zelda, and Mario.

We then added physics to the formula to create a new kind of experience. We wanted the game to appeal to players of all ages and genders.

As an independent developer, we had a lot of freedom in creating RoboBlitz and we look forward to creating more fun and innovative games!

About the developer
Naked Sky Entertainment is an independent game development studio based in Los Angeles, USA. Composed of top MIT programmers and award-winning artists, Naked Sky currently has over a dozen passionate, dedicated and hard-working team members.

The company's main strengths lie in technology building, game design and art production. RoboBlitz is the first commercial game from Naked Sky Entertainment.

Tian Mu: Producer
Joshua Glazer: Lead Programmer
Sam Thibault: Lead Game Designer, Project Manager
Tarik Soliman: Creative Director, Writer
Jay Riddle: Art Director
Mark Soderwall: Additional Art Direction
Chang Ryul Oh: Lead Artist
Jonathan Stern, Eric Carter: Programmer
Trey Harrison: Additional Programmer
Jason Courtney, Chin Ko, Jackson Sze: Concept Artists
Kathryn Lynch, Tony Wu, Haeng Sook Kim, John Delgado, Lee Souder, David Lieu, Paul M Smith: 3D Artists
Gilles Fleury, Benjamin Maréchal, Nicolas Wirrmann: Texture Artists
Jake Carvey: Technical Art Consultant
Tony Nakonechnyj: Lighting Consultant
Anthony Han, Michael Puoci: Additional Art
Soundrama: Music
EarBash Audio: Sound Effects
Vincent Diamante: Sound Implementation
SDL International: Localisation
Trevor Yuen: Internal Testing

Platform developed for: XBox360 and Windows XP
Development time: 10 Months