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Developer: HandMade Game, SungKyunKwan University, South Korea, 2006
IGF Award: Student Showcase Selection

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Rooms. HandMade Game

This elegant and engaging puzzle game is set in a mysterious mansion. You must arrange the rooms like a sliding puzzle, using what's inside each to aid your escape.

Moodily atmospheric art direction combined with the video animation of the avatar and seamless movement between rooms makes Rooms an absorbing experience.

Developer's statement
Inspired by a sliding puzzle, Rooms has its own unique gameplay: to escape by moving rooms like a sliding puzzle and using objects at the right time.

While designing Rooms, I didn't think of targeting a specific audience because I believed that anyone could enjoy this game.

The best advantage an independent developer has I think, is that I can be as innovative as I want.

Whether it is successful or not, exploring undiscovered areas in the game industry is very exciting and fun. And I think that's why independent developers are important.

About the developer
Kim Jonghwa is a junior in the department of Film, TV & Multimedia (FTM), at SungKyunKwan University, Korea. He is the leader of HandMade Games as well as a lead designer and programmer. He developed a color-mixing puzzle game, Palette, that won the 2006 IGF Student Showcase. His second work Rooms has been awarded 2006 Independent Game of the Year in Korea, won the Grand Prize in the 2006 Korea Independent Games Festival and is a finalist in the IGF 2007 Student Showcase. Currently, he is working on developing the commercial version of Rooms.

Kim Jong Hwa: Game designer and Programmer
Lee Yunjin: Lead Art Designer
Park Jeonyung: Music

Platform developed for: Windows XP
Development time: 10 Months