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samorost 2

Developer: Amanita Design, Czech Republic, 2006
IGF Award: Winner for Best Web Browser Game, Nominee for Excellence in Visual Art

image from samorost 2
Samorost 2. Amanita Design

Explore a surreal and magical world in this whimsical online point-and-click puzzle/adventure.

Journey with a tiny gnome intent on rescuing his kidnapped dog from space aliens.

Samorost 2 contains 11 levels comprised over 15 richly detailed and wonderfully strange environments, its beautiful artwork reflecting the strong tradition of Czech design and illustration.

Developer's statement
Samorost 2, the sequel to Samorost 1, is a 'point-and-click' adventure puzzle game playable in a web browser, in which a space gnome travels to a far-off perilous planet to rescue his dog from an alien abduction and together they travel back home through other adventures.

It's a relaxing and peaceful game with intuitive gameplay suitable even for non-experienced players of all ages.

About the developer
Amanita Design started in 2003 when it's founder Jakub Dvorsky successfully graduated from the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague (Czech Republic) with the Flash game Samorost as his diploma work. In 2005, Jakub's schoolmate, animator Vaclav Blin, joined the studio.

Amanita Design studio have created several Flash games (Samorost1, Samorost2, The Quest for the Rest, Rocketman VC), music videos (Plantage, Na tu svatbu), websites, animations and illustrations, attended many exhibitions and festivals and won several awards (The Best Web Game, IGF 2007; Flashforward Film Festival 2006 winner in Original Sound category; Best Web-Work Award in Seoul Net Festival 2006). Currently they are working on other independent games.

Jakub Dvorsky: Game Designer, Artist, Programmer
Vaclav Blin: Game Designer, Animator
Tomas Dvorak: (Floex) Music, (Pif) Sound

Platform developed for: Flash player 8 and above, Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Development time: 1 year