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Developer: DigiPen Institute of Technology, United States, 2006
IGF Award: Winner of Best Student Game, Nominee for Design Innovation

image from toblo
Toblo. DigiPen (USA) Corporation, 2007

Two teams compete in this fast-paced capture-the-flag game, set in an entirely destructible world made of blocks. 

During the game, the structures in the world are reduced to blocks of rubble that you can use to throw at the other team in combat.

Toblo is not your average third-person action game in that it allows the player to constantly affect the world.

Developer's statement
The main thing we were striving for with Toblo was an extremely simple experience that would still be fun enough to hold the player's attention.

Games don't get much simpler than capture-the-flag, but what sets Toblo apart is the world's destructible nature.

The environment is completely made up of blocks. A player's only means of survival in this world is to wield these blocks as weapons, throwing them at other players and using them to break through walls.

This leads to everything being torn apart and left in a state of disarray. The world constantly changes.

About the developer
Five students at the DigiPen Institute of Technology in Washington state created Toblo. Steve Chiavelli wrote the networking code and was also a developer for the 2006 IGF student project submission Paper Chase II. He is now developing with 5TH Cell in Bellevue, Washington.

John Jensen was the project's technical director and developed the rigid body physics engine used. He will receive his degree in April 2007 with a BS in Computer Science (Real Time Interactive Simulation) and a minor in Mathematics. Brad Rasmussen developed the AI, and also provided much of the artwork. He recently finished a summer internship at CaWindows XPom Mobile as an engineer.

Ben Smith created the graphics engine and the special effects. He recently finished a programmer internship at CaWindows XPom Mobile. Zach Peterson produced the project and was the lead gameplay developer. He is a senior at the DigiPen Institute Of Technology.

Steve Chiavelli: Networking
John Jensen: Physics
Zach Peterson: Producer, Gameplay Designer
Brad Rasmussen: AI
Ben Smith: Graphics

Platform developed for: Windows XP
Development time: 12 months