High Tide + Q&A

MA 15+
Gillian Armstrong, 104 mins, Australia, 1987, 35mm. Source: IFM International. Courtesy: NFSA.

High Tide
High Tide
There's something quite alluring and obviously personal about Clare Bowditch's selection, Gillian Armstrong's rarely seen 1987 Australian classic High Tide.

The film tells the story of Lilli (Judy Davis) - a soon to be out of work back-up singer for an Elvis impersonator - and her chance meeting with the adolescent Ally (Claudia Karvan) in a small coastal town.

With neither of the two really fitting in anywhere but together, they forge a unique relationship, which is explored through the lens of cinematographer Russell Boyd.

High Tide features great performances from Davis and Karvan, who are supported beautifully by Frankie J Holden and Colin Friels.

High Tide was nominated for seven AFI Awards on its release, winning two - with Judy Davis garnering Best Actress.

Join Clare Bowditch in a post film Q&A as she reveals her personal connection with the film and how it has influenced her career as a professional musician.

"Highly charged, brilliantly photographed and well observed" - New York Times

Sun 18 Nov 2012, 4pm

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