McCabe & Mrs Miller + Q&A

MA 15+
Robert Altman, 121 mins, USA, 1971, 16mm. Source: Roadshow. Courtesy: NFVLS.

McCabe & Mrs Miller + Q&A
McCabe & Mrs Miller + Q&A
It's about time someone selected an (anti) Western - and Tex Perkins plays an ace with McCabe & Mrs Miller. On its release Pauline Kael pronounced the film "a modern classic" - a mantle Altman's melancholy, revisionist western wears well.

John McCabe (Warren Beatty) has bluff and an opportunistic streak working in his favour when he arrives in a fledgling mining town, but he is no match for the feisty and unsentimental Constance Miller (Julie Christie) who shows him how to establish a quality bordello and turn a profit.

Altman achieves the rare and subtle feat of interrogating the mythology of America's founding ideals under cover of an achingly tender frontier romance with Leonard Cohen's spare, plaintive songs sealing the deal.

"A poetic, slow-burning tale of America's pioneering past, it's an off-beat western and one of Altman's finest films" - The Times

"Still Robert Altman's best moment, this 1971 anti-western murmurs softly of love, death, and capitalism." - Chicago Reader
Dates   Sat 17 Nov 2012, 7pm
    No Longer Available
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