Create, debate, design and play in these free sessions.

You'll be given the tools to create your own art, produce your own events and to think about your experience with innovative platforms. The Intermix program is for young people aged 15-20.

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The Animation Challenge: Part 3

In the third instalment of our extended animation workshop series we take a look at the animation phase.

DreamWorks Animation Tours with Intermix Guides

Take a tour of 'DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition' with an informed and friendly Intermix tour guide.

The Animation Challenge: Part 4

The fourth instalment of our animation workshop series explores the entire production pipeline from development to post-production.

Gaming and Interactive Art

Understand the technology behind gaming and interactive artworks in this engaging presentation.

The Animation Challenge: Part 5

The fifth instalment of our animation workshop series focuses on editing animations into a film and post-production techniques.

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