15th Japanese Film Festival

Oba, the Last Samurai
Oba, the Last Samurai
This year's festival brings you the best of Japanese cinema, including the Australian premiere of hero flick Abacus and Sword, and Gantz, an action-adventure based on the popular 29-volume sci-fi manga.

The festival also includes free screenings  from Ken Misumi's heritage collection.

Tuesday 29 November - Tuesday 6 December 2011
Full $15 Concession $13 ACMI Members/Japan Foundation Members $11
5 Film Pass $60 (excludes opening and closing night; only available for ACMI sessions)
Free screenings: Destiny's Son, The Homely Sister, Ken, Yotsuya Ghost Story, On the Road Forever

A Ghost of a Chance

When your only alibi is a 421-year-old ghost, what courtroom dramas await?

Destiny's Son

A saumurai takes in an abandoned baby and trains him to be an expert sword fighter.

The Homely Sister

Two beautiful sisters sacrifice their personal happiness to care for their ailing father.

The Magic Hour

A great actor can make any character believable, but can he fool a mafia don?

Suite Dreams

A hilarious behind-the-scenes glance into the chaotic world of a hotelier.

Princess Toyotomi

Investigators discover a 400-year old secret that could turn Osaka into an independent country.

Oba, the Last Samurai

Chronicles Captain Sakae Oba, whose incredible tactical ability led US forces to dub him "The Fox."


A futuristic game-like reality where the only way to survive is to kill.

Gantz: Perfect Answer

Kurono and Kato are summoned by Gantz for their next mission, this time to kill a human.


Two Towa University students face off in a fencing match that shows Kendo at its best.

Ninja Kids!!!

He wears glasses and studies magic. He's not Harry Potter - he's Rantaro, one of the Ninja Kids!

Star Watching Dog

A story of friendship against all odds.

In His Chart

A young doctor struggles to remain true to himself amid the demands of his profession.


A businessman reassesses his priorities with life-changing results for himself and his family.

Shinsan: Serenade in a Coalmine Town

As a Japanese town changes in the '60s and '70s, so do the relationships between its inhabitants.

Peak: The Rescuers

In the midst of a ferocious snowstorm, rookie Kumi ventures out on a mountain rescue operation.


A delightful animated tale from the creators of "Ponyo" and "Spirited Away".

The Fallen Angel

An internal war between detachment and desire fuels the life of a 20th-century literary wild child.

Patisserie: Coin de Rue

Disillusioned pastry chef, Natsume is determined to overcome her past and the challenges ahead.

Hankyu Railways: A 15 Minute Miracle

Small miracles of love are born through brief momentary exchanges.


A woman, abducted as a child, embarks on a journey to retrace her past.

Yotsuya Ghost Story

Made in 1959, "Yotsuya Ghost Story" represents the origins of classic Japanese horror.

Abacus and Sword

Naoyuki is an unlikely samurai with an equally unlikely weapon.


In the world of online dating, what you seek is not always what you find.

A Boy and His Samurai

A romantic comedy where a love for cakes, family values and old traditions collide.

On the Road Forever

A wandering gambler and a former samurai share an odd connection.

Life Back Then

A moving story about life after death.

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