2011 Jewish Film Festival

This annual festival showcases the diversity of Jewish culture through an eclectic range of films from around the world.

With an array of action, comedy, romance, thriller, drama and family-friendly films, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Wednesday 9 November - Sunday 27 November 2011
Single sessions $18
Opening Night (Film and Party) $36
Closing Night $18
Gold Pass (6 films, excludes Opening Night) $96

NB > Gold Passes only available 27 Oct to 4 Nov at the Tickets & Information Desk or by phone (03 8663 2222).

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Lea & Daria (Lea & Darija)

In 1939 Lea Deutsch, Zagreb's Jewish Shirley Temple, is replaced by Aryan Daria Gasteiger.

Heart of Auschwitz

A birthday gift given in Auschwitz is donated to Montreal's Holocaust Commemorative Centre.

Salsa Tel Aviv

A chuckle about every prospective Jewish mother-in-law's worst nightmare.


Catholic Joanna risks everything to save 8-year-old Polish Jew Rusza.

Boys of Terezin

Seattle's Boychoir rehearse an oratorio about the making of Vedem.

Comrade Goldberg - Terrorist or Freedom Fighter (Comrade goldberg - terrorist freiheitskampfer)

A doco about Jewish activist Denis Goldberg, who was condemned alongside Nelson Mandela in 1964.


A portrait of Holocaust survivor Lia Van Leer.


At the age of 12, Iya Zetnick survived a wartime massacre. She tracks the perpetrator to Melbourne.

Remembrance (Die verlorene zeit)

A chance sighting on a TV interview stirs Hannah's quest to find her Polish wartime lover.

Nicky's Family

The 70th anniversary reunion of Kindertransporte child survivors with their 100-year-old saviour.

The Fire Within

A documentary bringing Ariel Segal's book "Jews of the Amazon" vividly to life.

The Camera Obscura (La camera obscura)

A travelling photographer sees true beauty where others on the Argentinean pampas fail to look.

In Heaven Underground (Im himmel unter der erde)

"In Heaven Underground" explores the ongoing relevance of the Weissensee cemetery.

Wrong Side of the Bus

Sidney Bloch travels back to the South Africa of his boyhood, accompanied by his 19-year-old son.

Lenin In October + Chametz

A double bill featuring two films about the travails of contemporary Jewish life.

Reuniting the Rubins

Honor Blackman reigns in her dysfunctional London family.

Crime After Crime

A California lawyer represents a woman wrongfully imprisoned for 20 yrs for a murder she didn't commit

Precious Life

An infant from Gaza receives hospital care at the expense of an anonymous Israeli donor.


Set in Ukraine, two Jewish child musicians are trapped by the invading German army.


The story of top Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball star and coach of Israel's national team in the 70s.

Lebanon + Q&A

A film depicting soldiers' personal experiences from the First Lebanon War.

No 4 Street of Our Lady

Survivors return to the hamlet of Sokal and the pigsty which sheltered 15 Jewish people during WWII.

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