An Ordinary Execution

Unclassified 15+
Marc Dugain , 105 mins, France, 2010, French with English subtitles.

An Ordinary Execution
An Ordinary Execution

This compelling feature début from Marc Dugain imaginatively recalls the last days of Stalin's dictatorship, delving into the lives of people caught-up in the mælstrom of Stalin's infamous Doctors' Plot.

Anna, a gifted young doctor, is secretly summoned to the Kremlin where Stalin, having purged his personal physician, has no one to treat him. As she sets about her work, fearing at any moment that she might be killed or exiled to a Gulag, the ailing dictator rambles and reminisces, affably but with the constant hint of menace.

He quickly becomes reliant on Anna's healing powers, but the murderous tyrant has lost none of his talent for sinister manipulation. Alongside this gripping psychological drama is the story of a marriage being tested. To protect her unsuspecting husband, Vassili, Anna leaves him, but even this may not be enough.

Dates   Tue 23 Nov 2010, 8pm
    No Longer Available
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