Unclassified 15+
Marek Najbrt , 98 mins, Czech Republic , 2009, Czech with English subtitles.


A stylish and compelling wartime drama from Czech director and leading light, Marek Najbrt.

It is 1938 and Emil, a radio journalist, is increasingly jealous of his Jewish wife Hana's success as an actress and her circle of new friends. But when the Germans arrive in Prague, he accepts a promotion at a radio station that broadcasts Nazi propaganda, in order to protect her.

As events unfold, Emil finds himself trapped as the official mouthpiece of the Reich's propaganda machine, while Hana is confined to their home, no longer able to work. As Emil's star rises in the eyes of the Nazis, the spirited Hana is forced to question the nature of trust and finally rebels.

This strikingly original film was the Czech Republic's official submission for the 2010 Academy Award for Best Foreign Film.

Dates   Sun 28 Nov 2010, 3pm 
    No Longer Available
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